About HOPE

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Hope Mueller is an author, inspirational speaker, and a successful executive. Hope lives in northern Illinois with her husband and actively parents her four daughters and grandson. She sits on multiple non-for-profit boards, and has launched a local scholarship fund. She is the chairman and president of a charitable organization being developed in 2019. Hope’s passions are found in promoting and developing leaders, youth STEM activities, and in-need community support and investment. Her early years were marked by her experiences within a hippie commune that shaped her approach and interaction with the world, and allows her to create order out of chaos.

Hope is a results-driven leader and six sigma black-belt who enjoys heading organizations, improving system performance, and launching efficient programs. She provides value through the construction, training and mentorship of highly productive teams. She is a change agent with excellent strategic vision, tactical execution, communication, and organizational capabilities. Hope partners to motivate teams and colleagues with a positive approach, investing in people and exceeding company goals. She has the rare ability to turn vision into reality.

Hope has a number of technical publishing credits on a national level, is an international speaker, and she authors business articles focusing on career development and positive managing up techniques. Hope’s debut inspirational memoir is due out in September 2019.

“The book reflects how humans are able to transcend upbringing and trauma. How we are able to take life lessons, learn from chaos, be given second chances, believe in ourselves, be helped by mentors, and to create a totally different life for ourselves and our children, most importantly keep love, acceptance, and exploration at our core." - Jennifer Hottell

“The book exemplifies this author’s ability to put the reader in her shoes, what was normal for her as a child and early teen.  Reading the early years made me want to go back and save her.  Those times came together to shape her and turn her life into something amazing and inspirational. There is so much left unwritten. I only hope that she will continue this journey with her readers.” Susan Chambers