How to Not Care What People Think, According to 23 Experts

How do you stop thinking about what other people think and focus on yourself instead? We asked experts to share their insights.
“Embrace your authentic self. Being your authentic self is the first step to success.” - Hope Mueller

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7 Nostalgic Books To Relive Youth

“These books tell different stories, some traumatic, others lighthearted, about youth.

Our favorite so far has been “Hopey, from commune to corner office”, so be sure to check it out!”


Why Women Can Benefit from a Hot Job Market

With the unemployment rate at 3.7% in June 2019 and never higher than 4% for any month this year, people seeking jobs face a favorable market. Women in particular stand to benefit from this scenario.

Why? Simply put, companies need workers. Women left the workforce at twice the rate of men in the three years prior to 2015, so encouraging them to come back opens up a valuable pool of talent. Likewise, luring women who are currently employed to join a new organization necessitates measures that make a switch worth their while.


How to keep your staff motivated in the summer months

"Summer hours are a tried and true mechanism that keeps employees productive. Although counter-intuitive, studies show that the same volume of work is completed in a shorter workweek. Instead of reducing engagement, employees are more productive during these four days in the office. The worker is excited to have a long weekend and will make sure they get their work done so they can enjoy their time off.

Furthermore, studies show that most employees still work on Friday's off. They check their email and deliver on outstanding commitments. Half-day Fridays or Fridays off are a proven way to increase productivity and general employee happiness, this flexibility correlates to another HR policy with proven success."


58 of the Most Influential Books on Emerging Leaders’ Mindset

“Growing up on a hippie commune and in a free-love environment, I entered the business world with a unique set of social norms.  The Definitive Book on Body Language helped me to loosen up, be conscious about my body positioning, and present myself in the manner I wanted to be perceived.  

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